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vetical offers cloud base secure reliable veterinary system



Every day you login. Your own dashboard with all of your daily appointments are listed on the FrontPage. Quick and easy.

Your Own Branding


Upload your logo, the logo replaces the Vetical logo on top of every page when logged in. The logo will also show on invoices if you choose a invoice template with logo.

Client Register

Full client register, shared with all of your employees. Upload documents and files on your client and add notes. Patients are listed and accessible from client.

Google Map

Quickly find the location of your Patients and Clients with the integrated Google Maps. Very easy to use with your mobile device. On the road you can easy logon to Vetical and find your directions from your mobile device.


You can easy enable the system so it sends appointment, invoice and/or Service reminder SMS's to your clients. You can even send free text SMS directly to the customer from the client card.

Upload Files

Upload Files. X-Ray, Photos, Documents to Clients, Patients and Medical Records. You can even upload photos to the photo library for later use or share with your colleagues. You have 15GB of storage on one licenses.

Field Photos

Your own Veterinary practice Photo Storage. Upload photos while working in the field with patients and add it to your Medical Records later. Or you can let you colleagues study your photos to help you while working on patients. Each license have 15gb of storage.

Patient Register

Full patient register. Upload patient photo. Add Red flag if there are any Alarming issues. Weight history, notes, upload documents. location address and Google Maps. And much more.

Medical Records(EMR)

Fully Electronic Medical Records allows you to enter ALL of your patient information directly into the system. No more looking around for x-ray folders, lab results, documents or signed permission forms. It’s all at your fingertips.

Saved Medical Records

No time to complete Medical Records? (MR) No problem, just save and open it later to complete the MR. This can help your practise to prioritize customers


Choose invoice templates. Set your local tax rates. When you make Medical Records invoices are made easy. Vetical have PayPal integrations so you can accept credit cards. Automatic overdue reminders. Reminders can be sent by email to customers.

Calendar & Appointments

Advanced calendar with daily, weekly view. All employees have access. Working hours, vacations and appointments. Easy to choose client and patient appointment. You can create Medical Record directly from the appointment.

Service Reminders

Automatic service reminders. Make a service with timer. When using the service in a Medical Records on a patient the system will automatically remind your practice when it’s time for a renewal. You can send reminders to the customer by print and email.

Product & Service

A complete Service and Product register. Add categories and put your Products and Services as you like into it. You can add reminders on all services. So when you sell a service with reminder the system will inform you when its time to renew..


Add Prescriptions directly from the medical record.


Manage your inventory. Your can set minimum limit on every product. When selling the system automatically subtracts from the inventory. When reaching the limit the system gives a warning. You can send orders by email to the Supplier from the system.

Secretary / Assistant

You can add as many Veterinary Assistants as you like to Vetical. Secretaries have their own dashboard and can bill, sell products, manage inventory, setting up appointments, manage Patients and Clients.


To know how your Veterinary practice is doing is of the most importance. You have full access to View Daily Sales, Weekly Sales, Monthly Sales and yearly Turnover and Statistics.

Export of Data

You can easy export your patients, product & services, clients and invoices from the admin menu. And import the data to your accounting system. All data are exported in CVS format.

Take Payments by Creditcard

With Vetical you can easily take payments with credit cards. All you need to use this feature is to have an account with stripe.com. Make Medical Records onsite while working on a patient, and take payment by credit card online.

Superior Support

Your own service portal allows you to log an issue 24/7 or reference open or closed service requests. As a Vetical Customer you get access to your own support portal where you can find information, open tickets or ask us questions.


Some countries have laws that regulate reporting on medicine use on horses and production animals. If we have implemented this for your country you can subscribe to this option if needed. If we don't have this in place for your country contact us.


As the owner, you need have control and to be able to set up Vertical as you want. You can buy, move or remove Licenses, Manage Logo, Calendar Settings, Make Reports, Invoice Setup. Secretary Setup and configure reminders. And more...

Diagnostic Codes

Your own Veterinary diagnostic code register. Add diagnostic codes to the system and use them in Medical Records.

Purchase Orders

The integrated Purchase Order System helps you efficiently manage your acquisition of supplies for your practise.

Bulk Email

You can send email campaigns to your customers. Send emails to all or a selection of your customers based on patient types with a few clicks.

And Much more..

There are more features inside Vetical, sign up for a trial and test it before signing up for a subscription.