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vetical has powerful tools to make veterinary practice easy


Start managing your veterinary practice online! Software and servers can cost your practice thousands of dollars per year. It is time to make the switch to an affordable solution. Vetical is one of the leading web-based practice management tool for veterinarians. With Vetical, you are able to manage your client and patient’s data, schedule new appointments items such as vaccines and medications, create invoices, set reminders, upload documents such as x-rays and more! Take comfort in knowing your data is backed up and secure. Never lost. Never compromised. Access your data anywhere in the world with an internet connection!
Vetical are developed and owned by the Swedish cooperation Vetical AB. Our staff consists of Computer engineers and veterinarians who are dedicated and proud of work for us. Other part of the company are delivering veterinary services daily in Sweden. The development of Vetical has been with collaboration between veterinarians and the IT industry in Scandinavia, Canada, UK and United States . By having staff with appropriate expertise, combining IT and Veterinary Medicine provides us with a unique set of strengths.
Getting valuable information to the right place at the right time requires a unique set of strengths and a unique perspective. Vetical AB, our people bring diverse and unmatched knowledge and experience. The success of your our solution is tied to the information you keep. Detailed medical records, precise financial data, accurate inventory, organized schedules, and prompt treatment call-backs can mean the difference between an organized, well-managed practice versus a practise struggling to keep up.
19.02.14, Vetical and Twilio
Vetical AB, announces today that they have selected Twilio as the integrator to the Vetical solution to deliver SMS and telephony services. This allows SMS services with functionality such as automatic sms user verification. This means that Vetical is ready for the future where a full-rigged computer telephony solution will be integrated into the cloud in the future. Visit Twilio