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We Do IT For You

We put the cloud to work for you. You will have to do absolutely NOTHING to keep the service up. With little or no IT infrastructure investment, You can easily and securely use Vetical as your practice management system. All you or your employers need is a computer, tab or mobile to use Vetical as practise management.


Mobile Anytime/Anywhere Access

Use Vetical anytime from anywhere. You can use it from PC or mobile devices as long as you have access to internet and a internet Browser. Make Medical Records onsite while working on a patient, and take payment by credit card. You can even send invoice by email when you are onsite or use the integrated Google Maps on your mobile device to find the directions.

Save Time and Money With Vetical

Shouldn’t writing an exam be easier than performing one? Medical Record Driven Invoicing means that bills are built as you add to a patient’s medical history - when you’re finished you can immediately present the client with an invoice or even take payment by credit card.

Photo Library and Storage

Vetical gives you 50 GB of storage per license. The flexibility to upload photos to the system while working on patients in the field and share it with your colleagues for study. Or add it to your Medical Records.

Accurate Record Keeping

Vetical gives you the tools to create and access medical records, quickly and easily. It means you can spend less time at your computer and more time with your patients. Every record contains a history of procedures performed. as well as drugs or vaccines.



Sales and Turnover Reports

Vetical provides reports periodically when you need it. You have access to your historical data. You can also export data to Excel when you want. Good reports provide competitive advantage and better insight. For flexibility, you can even run reports on the individual employee.



Superior Support

For added convenience, our service portal allows you to log an issue 24/7 or reference open or closed service requests. As a Vetical Customer you get access to your own support portal at support.vetical.com where you can find information, open tickets or ask us questions. In the support portal you will also find forums where you even can raise questions to other Veterinarians regarding cases you are working.

Low total cost of ownership

Say goodbye to the headaches from stamps, paper, and printing. Vetical enables users to print or email client invoices. Advantage of being an integrated system is that all modules communicate with each other. You can make invoices quick and fast with auto flow when making MR’s or selling products. If you make a customer visit, you can simply generate the invoice on the spot and email it immediately to the client.

Electronic Medical Record

The EMR or Patient Medical Records are designed keeping in mind the day to day clinical workflows. Optimizes documentation of clinical visit and improves decision making. The Medical Records is used to create and maintain a medical history for each patient that is cared for by your practice.


Professional Communication

Vetical's professional communication tools allow you to correspond with your clients at the touch of a button. These powerful communication tools enable you to stay on the top of upcoming appointments, while enhancing the quality of care you provide to your clients and patients. Send emails campaigns to your clients.

Take Payments by Creditcard Online

With Vetical you can easily take payments with credit cards. There is a Stripe.com integrations in the solution. All you need to use this feature is to have an account with stripe.com. This makes it possible to take payments while being onsite with an customers as long as you have internet connection and a internet browser.

Complete Data Security

Vetical takes the security and privacy of your data very seriously. All communication are encrypted with at least 256 Bit Encryption. Our data centres are accredited to PCI DSS, ISO27001, and ISAE 3402 Type II standards, ensuring our service and applications are secured by the best processes and technologies.

Reduce Your Total IT Cost

Forget about buying expensive new hardware or hiring IT consultants. Vetical only requires a basic computer and an internet connection. We'll take care of the rest. Unlike client-server based systems, you need not worry about software upgrades or general IT maintenance costs. You will have the latest feature set rolled out to you seamlessly for zero cost. You can even use the Vetical from anywhere, anytime.

Inventory Management

By having the right supplies in inventory and eliminating products that do not sell, your practice will increase profits and maximize efficiency. Vetical Inventory and product register gives you control with “Inventory Reminders” if inventory is under threshold system will inform you. The optimized order product process are designed so our customers easily can order products by email or print directly to suppliers.

Automated Reminders

With Vetical you have easy control over customer and product inventory reminders. Vetical monitors and keeps everything in order automatically for you. Even Invoice reminders can be delivered to your customers by e-mail.


100 % Automated Backups

Losing even one day of data is painful. Your data is really important that would cause disasters if lost? Don’t panic. We will fully protect your files and are fully prepared to restore them quickly if the worst happens.